Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dear Mummy, Sincerely Your Fetus

Dear Mummy,
So, here I am. In your tummy. I must be your pride and joy, a precious baby in your belly. It must be hard work and tiring for you having me growing in here, but I'm sure you'll do just fine and do your best to make sure I'm healthy. You do take some funny things though. At first it was quite strange, like a rush to my body, and I felt all tingly. I felt anxious at first, but I'm used to it now. It must be something you do to look after me. I'm sure you know best though.
Your 12 week old fetus.

Dear Mummy,
I'd prefer it if you didn't do that thing as much. It makes my heart beat too hard and way too fast and I don't really like it. I've also noticed it makes my placenta go all gritty. I must admit, I prefer it when your asleep. I've had to get used to a lot of noise here in the womb. It's often you and a man shouting at each other, its not fun for me to listen to, and it gets pretty bouncy in here. I'm getting used to it though, but I'm sure you will keep me safe. You do know best of course.
Your 15 week old fetus.

Dear Mummy,
I didn't like last night one bit. You took something that made me very sleepy. I think it's called alcohol, I heard that man shouting it. Those things that make my heart beat very fast, cigarettes? Yeah, you had a lot last night. I'm okay with the other stuff. He said it was heroin? I'm used to that now.
You had a scan today and just found out I'm a girl. I'm glad your excited. It makes me happy. I can hear the midwife talking about all the things you had last night. It sounds like shes saying there not good for me. She says you need help and to be careful. A lot I don't understand, but I hear the words of miscarriage, or my placenta breaking away, or membranes rupturing. I don't want any of those things to happen. I know you love me and want the best for me, so I'm sure you will take her advice.
Your 20 week old fetus.

Dear Mummy,
You shouldn't have done that! I'm just glad your okay now.You were crying after the scan when you went home. I could hear and feel you bawling and shaking to the noisy man. saying you were going to put things right and do the best for me. I was happy but wasn't prepared for what was to come. The midwife told you to not go cold turkey!! Mummy, I needed that heroin as much as you did. For 3 days I experienced your withdrawals Mummy! You cant do it that way, you could kill us both. I guess the noisy man isn't so bad after all. He rushed us to hospital when you collapsed into cold sweats. Your in hospital though on methadone. I'm just as addicted as you are, and I am now safe too. You'll be here till you give birth to me. Atleast here you cant have any more alcohol or cigarettes. Maybe you don't know best.
Your 39 week old unborn baby.